Dem Rep. Sherman on Biden’s Israel Criticism: Hamas Hiding Among Civilians Is Responsible for the Destruction

On Friday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “The Hill,” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) responded to President Joe Biden’s criticism of Israel’s military response to the October 7 terrorist attack as “over the top” by stating that the leadership of Hamas “needs to leave” Gaza and allow the area to be rebuilt for its civilian population and until that happens, the destruction in Gaza is “what happens when a terrorist organization…uses civilian buildings and civilians as human shields.”

Host Blake Burman played video of Biden saying, “I’m of the view, as you know, that the conduct of the response in Gaza — in the Gaza Strip has been over the top.”

Burman then asked, “‘[O]ver the top’ he says. You disappointed in those remarks, Congressman?”

Sherman responded, “Look, we see these pictures coming out of Gaza. All of us want to see an end to the fighting. It would be great if Israel — if Hamas would leave Gaza and allow the rebuilding process. Until then, it’s — you’re showing the scenes on the screen right now, that’s what happens when a terrorist organization puts — uses civilian buildings and civilians as human shields. The Hamas leadership needs to leave, and then we’ve got to rebuild Gaza for the people of Gaza.”

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