Paul Ryan: I Wish We Had a Different Presidential Choice

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, a member of the Fox Corporation Board of Directors, said Tuesday on FNC’s “Your World” that American voters have terrible choices for president in November.

Host Neil Cavuto asked, “There is this historic, unprecedented situation that we’re going to have a former president who’s a convicted criminal and we’re going to have a son of a president who’s a convicted criminal. And I’m just wondering what you think of that?”

Ryan said, “Yeah, I think in a country with 350 million people, this is the choice we have. I, like the majority of Americans, wish we had a different choice than the ones that none when we’re being presented with.”

He continued, “I can’t help but think of Nikki Haley. The week she was dropping out, she was 16 points on Biden. She’d probably win this thing by 12 points.”

He added, “It’s gonna be a very, very close race. I think they’re terrible choices that we’re being presented with. And that’s just what the primary voters selected and I regret the fact that that’s where we are.”

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