Gowdy: Republicans Set Debate Expectations Too Low for Biden

Fox News Channel host Trey Gowdy said Friday on “Special Report” that Republicans had set expectations too low for President Joe Biden at next week’s debate against former President Donald Trump.

Guest host Shannon Bream said, “Let’s start with the debate exceptions. Is the right, are Republicans in trouble because they’ve spent a lot of time in recent weeks talking about how President Biden can’t find his way off the stage? And we saw what happened in the State of the Union when he came in stronger than expected. And there was a ton of praise for him.”

Gowdy said, “Yeah, they’ve got to be very careful. I don’t know why Republicans fall into this trap.”

He added, “This debate  Shannon it me is fascinating because it’s a combination of agenda and acuity. It’s content and cognition. So, the viewers will be watching both. Not only what you say, but are you fit for office? So, I don’t recall a debate in my lifetime where both of those issues were front and center for both of the candidates. Not just what you say but can you remember what day of the week it is. That is going to be an issue.”

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