Eric Trump: My Father Not Just Debating Biden, He’s Going to Be Debating CNN

Eric Trump, the son of former President Donald Trump, said on this week’s broadcast of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that his father had to debate both President Joe Biden and CNN on Thursday.

Trump said, “Make no mistake, this is still CNN, right? This is Jake Tapper. Jake Tapper has compared my father to Hitler before, right? Jake Tapper is a guy who would yell at his control room, saying turn this man off. I don’t want to hear what he says when my father’s giving press conferences. I can’t tell you who these people are. You know who they are, and you’ve seen them before. I saw them as I walked into a courtroom every day where they’re sitting there with grins on their face. I mean, just ear-to-ear smiles, right? So understand that he’s not just going to be debating Joe Biden. He’s going to be debating CNN.”

He continued, “And you better believe that Biden’s gonna be getting a lot of, you know, a free pass, and, you know, you better believe that they’re, you know, gonna hit my father.”

Trump added, “I’m comfortable with my father. He’s got the right message. He’s got the love of America behind him, and he’s going to do, he’s going to do awesome. He always does.”

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