VIDEO: Mother ‘Egging On’ Daughter Brawling with Girl


Two teenage girls have been caught on camera brawling as the mother of one of the girls encourages her to fight on their front lawn in Beech Grove, Indiana.

Neighbors and several other onlookers watched the two teenagers throw punches and pull each other’s hair out in a front-yard brawl that lasted up to three minutes, WDAF reported.

“Uppercut, Boo. Don’t get tired,” the mother yells in the video as the teenagers exchange punches.

Neighbors say that the mother of one of the teen girls gave her daughter a high five at the end of the fight.

“The adults were egging on the fight, the mother especially,” said neighbor Mary Wilhelm to WXIN.

Wilhelm, who watched the fight from her porch, say police have been called multiple times before to break up fights in that household.

“It’s not uncommon for this to happen at that house. We see a lot of fights,” said Wilhelm.

A video of another fight showing two women beating each other in Walmart in the same town went viral last year. Wilhelm told WXIN that the fights give Beech Grove a bad name.

“We keep getting bad reputations in Beech Grove because parents are helping their kids fight. They need to be the better person and stop that,” Wilhelm said.

After some neighbors called the police, the video of the two girls has come to law enforcement’s attention.

Police say they are investigating to see if any crimes were committed.


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