Anarchy Erupts at Texas ‘Go Topless’ Beach Party: Brawls, Property Destruction, 120 Arrests

LANGLEY PARK, MD - APRIL 20: (NEWSWEEK AND US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT OUT) Armed police from Maryland's Prince George's County Anti-Gang Unit question and detain the girlfriend of a confirmed gang member of Mara Salvatrucha 13, or MS-13, April 20, 2006 in Langley Park, Maryland. The gang member had …
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More than 100 partygoers were arrested in Crystal Beach, Texas, during the “Go Topless Galveston” beach party where massive fights broke out, a jeep was lit aflame, and lewd and drunken behavior reigned.

Galveston, Texas, County Sheriffs arrested 120 people over the weekend with suspects variously charged with drunk driving, lewd behavior, assault, and a long list of other charges, according to the Daily Mail.

Video of the outrageous behavior was posted to social media showing half-naked young partygoers engaged in massive fistfights. Police also found one vehicle set on fire and several others used as demolition derby vehicles with often drunk drivers dangerously ramming into each other.

“Police rushed to shoreline to deal with car crashes, public intoxication, drink driving, vehicle burglary, and other offenses after the party spiraled out of control,” the paper reported.

Officials report that six people were hospitalized from injuries received during the party. Some were transported away from the beach in hospital helicopters.

The “Go Topless” event was not named for X-rated behavior, but rather for the removable tops on the Jeeps that participants were encouraged to drive to the event.

Heather Farr, who has been a participant in the event for four years, said there were so many people that “it was very difficult to even walk through all the cars and people, much less drive.”

Farr also noted that in the past the police had been able to keep a lid on the worst behavior, but this year, it spun out of control due to the size of the crowd.

Galveston first responders were so overwhelmed they had to call in backup from six surrounding communities, according to reports.

The chaos has given rise to a petition urging authorities to ban the event in the future.

Many who signed the petition were especially upset at the X-rated behavior of many of the party goers.

One commenter and party attendee, Alicia Lopez, said that the “event was just too wild. There was a couple next to us doing something rated x out in the open. This event does need to be stopped.”

Congestion on the beach was exacerbated by the fact that two other events were also taking place on the same beach. Along with “Go Topless Galveston,” the Patriot Network’s “MAGA Beach Bash 2019,” and a gathering sponsored by the Facebook group Rednecks with Paychecks Offroad also were scheduled.

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