Builder: Man Accused of Murdering Mackenzie Lueck Wanted Hidden Sex Dungeon in Basement

Associated Press

The man who stands accused of murdering Utah college student Mackenzie Lueck and burning her body in his back yard is now also accused of trying to hire a contractor to build a hidden sex dungeon in his basement.

Contractor Brian Wolf has come forward to tell the police that accused killer Ayoola Adisa Ajayi, 31, tried to hire him to build the “soundproof,” secret holding pen replete with hooks on the walls, and a biometric lock system to prevent anyone but himself from entering the room, the Daily Mail reported.

The builder told Fox News that the suspect asked him to build a room that was about four feet by nine feet. He wanted the door hidden so no one would suspect there was anything there, as well.

Wolf noted that the more Ajayi spoke of his design for the room, the stranger it got. The contractor added that Ajayi explained his plans as a special room to hide in and drink alcohol and play music so that his Mormon girlfriend would not catch him.

But once he began talking of embedding hooks in the walls, secret doors, and biometric locks, Wolf began getting suspicious of the plans and decided not to take the job.

According to Wolf, Ajayi “slowly started sidestepping into more stuff, like wanting a thumb lock on it with a fingerprint lock, and soundproofing it, and putting hooks in the concrete – it was just weird what he was asking me.”

Though “weirded out” by the request, Wolf says he did not call the police because he did not know that any laws were broken.

“Some people say I should have called the cops then,” Wolf said. “But how am I supposed to call the cops and be like, ‘Hey, this guy wants me to build a weird room in his basement.'”

The Nigerian native and one-time U.S. Army IT specialist was taken into custody last Friday at his home in West Temple, Utah. Investigators say that he and the victim met online and that the last communication Lueck made was to Ajayi’s number.

Investigators also found that Lueck openly boasted about being a “sugar baby” who trades sexual favors for cash and gifts from older “sugar daddy” men. They speculate that this habit formed the basis for Lueck’s communication with her accused killer.

Ultimately, a search of Ajayi’s home and property revealed burned human remains and some of the missing woman’s belongings in a fire pit in the suspect’s back yard.

Officials say that Ajayi will soon be charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, and desecration of a human body.

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