WATCH: Violent Family Fight Caught on Camera at Disneyland

A violent family brawl was caught on camera at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Saturday.

The footage shows several family members outside Mickey’s Toontown engaging in an argument that quickly turned into a fight as they began punching, kicking, and screaming obscenities at each other.

A woman in a white tank top spits on a man wearing a pink shirt, causing him to retaliate by hitting her in the face. She then pushes a stroller holding two little girls out of the way, saying “Hold my daughter,” as another woman comes up and stands beside it.

A woman in a tan shirt tries to stop the fight, but gets hit in the face by a man in white. Later, an elderly woman in an electric wheelchair also tries to defuse the situation by inserting herself between two of the individuals.

Bystanders can be heard shouting “Stop it! Stop it!” as the fight escalates. A few minutes later, the older woman is knocked to the ground as the men and women continue violently throwing punches at each other. Several times, those watching from nearby step in, trying to shield the women involved.

“I’m ready to go to jail tonight,” the man in pink says to the others as a man in a baseball cap attempts to calm him down.

The two little girls in the stroller and another small child are seen crying throughout the video.

Security arrived at the scene following the initial event, and separated the family members involved. Anaheim police also responded to the scene and later escorted them from the park because they refused to cooperate.

Disney officials said in a statement that they “do not condone this behavior.”

Reports state that the video of the fight was dated July 6, and was later posted by a park guest on July 7.

The Anaheim Police Department said they are aware of the video footage and are currently pursuing a criminal case in regard to the incident.


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