Watch: Panthers Fan Punches Older Fan in the Face

Police are investigating an ugly moment from the stands at Thursday night’s Philadelphia Eagles-Carolina Panthers game. In the video captured of the incident, a fan in a Cam Newton Panthers jersey is seen sharing words with an older fan in a


Watch: Turkish Parliament Brawls Again

(Reuters) – Members of Turkey’s ruling AK Party and the pro-Kurdish opposition traded kicks and punches and threw water at each other in parliament on Monday, halting talks about lifting parliamentarians’ immunity from prosecution. A previous meeting on the bill


Three Charged for Brutal Bikini Beatdown Caught on Camera

Columbia, SC police have three women in custody for ganging up on a 20-year-old woman two weeks ago alongside a local river, according to a report by WLOX. Arlinda Craft, 18, Anns Leigh Hill, 19, and Megan Williams, 20, are

bikini brawl

The War Between Chris Christie and Marco Rubio — Illustrated with Avengers Gifs

It’s been another tough week on the campaign trail for the Republican establishment as Chris Christie and Marco Rubio have begun attacking each other on the campaign trail. Both candidates are fighting to be the establishment choice in New Hampshire, while outsiders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are leading the polls.

Christie (L) and Rubio

Watch: Parent Claims Staff Member Punched Her Son in School Fight

(NSFW WARNING: Language, Violence) According to NBC12, disturbing video of a fight after school at Jim Hill High School in Mississippi shows students fighting and two staff members coming in to break up the fight. The parent of a student who


Watch: Man Chokes McDonald’s Worker at Drive-Thru

According to a report by Fox7, fight at a Minnesota McDonald’s drive-thru between a customer and 22-year-old manager left both claiming to be the victim. Through cell phone video shot by a person waiting in line, the store manager, 22-year-old