VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Dragged Across Parking Lot as Thief Steals Car

A pregnant woman in Atlanta, Georgia, was dragged across a gas station parking lot on Monday when a thief allegedly stole her Chevrolet Camaro while the engine was running.

The 26-year-old victim told WSB-TV that after she returned from her trip inside a Shell gas station, she found a stranger in the driver’s seat of her locked vehicle with the engine running.

Surveillance video from the gas station showed the moment she tried to stop the thief while he drove away with her car.

The woman grabbed onto the driver’s side door in an attempt to regain control of her car, but she fell on the ground before the driver circled back and allegedly ran over her leg.

A second camera from inside the store showed the victim hobbling towards the inside of a gas station in excruciating pain with a broken leg.

A third video obtained by WSB-TV showed a white Infiniti sedan drive up next to the victim’s car. A man is seen getting out of the Infiniti and smashing one of the windows of the Camaro to gain access inside the victim’s car.

By the time the police arrived, the suspects had fled the scene. Atlanta police are looking for the two suspects, who remain at large and are suspected of carrying out several crimes involving automobiles.

These types of crimes where thieves hop into cars with the engine running are quite common. Just last week, a man in Oklahoma City had to chase down two suspected thieves who tried to steal his car while he left the engine running to go pick up a repaired guitar, KFOR reported.


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