Man Allegedly Pummeled After Spitting on Fellow NYC Subway Rider’s Face

NY Man Pummeled Subway

A man who allegedly spat on a fellow New York City subway passenger chose the wrong man to pick a fight with, as the other man pried open the closing subway doors to pummel him to the ground, according to a Reddit video posted Thursday.

The man on the platform allegedly spat twice in the direction of the other passenger in a subway car as the subway doors closed at the 34th Street station in Manhattan. The target, however, was able to push open the subway doors and punch him several times until he fell unconscious, the New York Post reported.

“He’s livid! It’s over!” the person filming the fight could be heard saying in the background, according to the Reddit video.

While other subway riders tried to break up the fight, the person filming the video told the people getting involved not to intervene.

“Nah, nah! He spit in his face!” he said.

Once the man who punched his target realized his foe was knocked out, he picked up his phone and allegedly fled the scene.

It is unclear when the incident occurred or if the police got involved.

This is not the first incidence of violence in the New York City subway system over the past week.

A homeless man allegedly shoved an illustrator for the New York Times onto the Manhattan subway tracks during rush hour. The victim survived the incident and received treatment at a local hospital.


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