WATCH: Tourists Vandalize Hawaiian Sand Sculpture in Hotel Lobby

Hawaii sand scuplture
Honolulu Police Dept.

Authorities are seeking two unidentified individuals recorded while destroying a sand sculpture in the lobby of a Honolulu hotel.

On August 12, at approximately 11:16 p.m., two as-yet unidentified tourists stumbled into the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu. In the video, the two approach the sculpture, and one of them strikes at it with a pillow. Then, as her friend records on her phone, she leans over the railing to claw and poke at it.

Police have shared the surveillance camera footage, asking for help in finding the perpetrators. They have already identified the women as “juveniles” and said they are Oahu residents, according to reporting by KHON. As of the time of this writing, no arrests have been made.

Fortunately, Jill Harris, one of the owners of “Sandsational Sand Sculptures,” told KHON that her partner, Thomas Koet, was already in the area. He began repairs on Thursday. “It’s amazing how much effort you know probably went into it and how little it took to destroy it,” said a visitor.


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