Congress Must Censure President Obama over Hiroshima Speech

President Barack Obama told the world on Friday in Hiroshima that the American decision to drop nuclear bombs on Japan arose from humanity’s worst instincts, including “nationalist fervor or religious zeal.”

Obama in Hiroshima (Kimimasa Mayama / AFP / Getty)

Honolulu Pays Lesbian Couple $80k After Kissing Arrest

A lesbian couple from Los Angeles has been awarded $80,000 by the City of Honolulu to settle a dispute after the two were arrested in a local grocery store following public displays of affection.

Lesbian couple (Jennifer Sinco Kelleher / Associated Press)

Arrest in Golfer Robert Allenby’s Mugging Case

The story of professional golfer Robert Allenby’s mugging, which hooked badly when homeless people claimed that he fabricated it, has sliced back in the fairway after Honolulu police acknowledged a suspect in the robbery is in custody.

Robert Allenby