VIDEO: Students High-Five Each Other After Alleged Rape at London Nightclub

A surveillance video released Tuesday shows the moment two Italian students high-fived each other after allegedly raping a drunk woman at a London night club.

The video, released by London’s Metropolitan Police, shows the moment the two Italian nationals, Ferdinando Orlando, 25, and Lorenzo Costanzo, 26, “brazenly laugh and high-five each other” not too long after raping a woman at a night club in Soho in February 2017.

Police made the footage public Tuesday after the two men were found guilty of a total of four counts of rape after a trial where jurors were made aware of the video footage, Metro UK reported.

Detective Sgt. Rebecca Woodsford, who has led the investigation into the attack since 2017, called the guilty verdict “the best possible outcome from a truly traumatic experience for the victim, who suffered severe injuries which resulted in her suspecting she may have been raped.”

Authorities said that after the attack, Orlando and Costanzo could be seen on video running up the stairs, exiting the night club, and giving each other a high-five before showing each other something on a cell phone.

“During the trial, both men admitted that in the CCTV they are watching their attack back on the phone before they made lewd gestures and re-enact to each other about what they had just done during the rape,” the Metropolitan Police said.

Costanzo and Orlando are awaiting sentencing at a later date.


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