VIDEO: Woman Allegedly Robbed at Gunpoint Outside Apartment Door

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A woman was reportedly robbed at gunpoint outside her apartment door in Oakland, California, on Monday night.

The victim’s Ring security camera caught the terrifying moment when the suspect ran up behind her as she approached her front door in the 700 block of Canyon Oaks Drive near Keller Avenue, according to KTVU.

Warning: Video contains disturbing content.

Wednesday, reporter André Senior tweeted the footage.

In the video, the suspect appeared to shove her with his left hand while holding a gun in the other as she fell screaming to the ground.

Seconds later, he turned to leave while pointing the gun at her, then went back and grabbed something from the victim. The footage also showed another person walk up during the alleged robbery.

Following the incident, the woman got up and unlocked her door to go inside.

“I just got robbed,” she said, visibly shaken.

Monday’s incident was just one in a string of violent criminal acts that have occurred in East Oakland over the past few months, according to residents.

“It’s terrifying,” said Rebecca Brogan, who has lived in the area her entire life. “I mean the girl’s screams were just a nightmare come true. I don’t know how she’s going to recover from it.”

Wednesday, someone posted the video to the Ring app for neighbors to view. However, it was later removed, according to KRON.

Even though no arrests have yet been made, police said the investigation was ongoing and they did have an active lead.

Despite the investigation, neighbor Brian Cash said he wanted to see more done to stop the recent spike in crime.

“I came here tonight with four people in my car and I see about a dozen other neighbors that are concerned as well. So police presence would go a long way. If we could just get a car on the street for a couple of hours,” Cash said.

Derek Krause echoed Cash’s statement and noted that his wife felt bad for the victim.

“We get the neighborhood alerts with Ring and unfortunately I was afraid to show it to my wife and now she’s terrified,” Krause said.

Oakland City Councilman Loren Taylor, who lives near the victim’s home, said his office was working with police to make sure there was a strong response.

“I’m confident that they are paying strong attention to what’s going on and developing responses to really identify these robbery crews that have been active in the area,” Taylor said.


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