Vernon Jones to Introduce Bill Making Attacks on Trump Supporters Hate Crimes

Vernon Jones speaks to supporters as he announces his candidacy for the US Senate Saturday, July 21, 2007 in Marietta, Ga. Jones, who considers himself a "conservative Democrat," is running for the US Senate seat currently held by Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss. (AP Photo/Todd Bennett)
AP Photo/Todd Bennett

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones (D) will introduce legislation next week classifying attacks on President Trump’s supporters as hate crimes.

I’ve watched countless videos of Trump supporters getting attacked in the streets simply due to their support of @realDonaldTrump,” the representative tweeted on Tuesday:

Since September 2015, there have been 334 reported hate crimes against the president’s supporters, according to a Breitbart News article dated March 2019.

“These reported crimes include physical assaults, vandalism, and the encouraging of violence against individuals and groups based only on their personal beliefs,” the report noted

Aidan Courtright, 27, was arrested on June 2 for allegedly attacking Air Force veteran Charlie Chace, 82, as he held a “Trump” sign in Fall River, Massachusetts, according to the Providence Journal.

Police said Courtright screamed at Chace to give him the sign, then took it from him and tore it in half. He then reportedly grabbed the elderly man’s shirt, knocking his hat off, and threw him on the ground.

Authorities said while he was on the ground, “Courtright kicked him in his ribs and legs before driving away.”

Following the incident, Boston-area conservative radio host Howie Carr interviewed Chace and during the show, Donald Trump, Jr. called in to speak to him.

“I just wanted to say I saw your story, I’m sorry you had to go through that, and we really appreciate the support. That shouldn’t be going on in America,” he said, adding, “I just wanted to say thank you for that support and thank you for that steadfast loyalty and for your service to our country.”

Later on Tuesday, Jones urged state officials to get behind his proposed legislation to stop political violence:

Following the announcement, Twitter users expressed their agreement with Jones’ proposed legislation.

Thank you sir. I’m a mother of 4 and its sad when I feel I can’t show my support for MY President because of fear of what might happen. I do not want my children exposed to that. I will be voting for Trump! #SilentMajority,” one person wrote.

I’m angry that I can’t show support for my president by wearing a certain kind of hat, or putting a bumper sticker on my car, for fear of being assaulted or having my vehicle vandalized. Do it! #Trump2020,” another commented.


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