VIDEO: Woman Assaulted While Riding NYC Subway, Others Fail to Intervene

A woman was reportedly assaulted on a New York City subway while bystanders appeared to avoid the situation.

In a video clip, a person wearing a white hoodie and black leggings was seen walking through the train and speaking to no one in particular, Fox News reported Friday.

When riders moved away, the individual appeared to grab onto a woman’s hair and pull her down into the seat as other riders watched the scene unfold.

The woman was clearly distressed as she sat quietly but no one moved to intervene. Moments later, the individual in the white hoodie rose from the bench.

“Get up!” the person said, then appeared to pull the woman to the other end of the train before releasing her. The individual was later seen standing on a bench, kicking the window of the train.

The Daily Mail asked the New York Police Department for more information regarding the incident, but officials said they were “looking into it” and no reports of an incident had so far been filed, the outlet noted Friday.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) made fighting crime a central issue during his campaign in November, but a recent poll showed voters slamming his failure to make good on that promise. Breitbart News reported May 5:

Adams, a retired transit cop, made law and order the cornerstone of his bid for City Hall. But violent crime has mostly worsened during his four months in office with no sign yet of an end to the violence as an overwhelming majority of voters (86 percent) support having more police officers in the New York City subway system, while 12 percent oppose it.

“The mayor’s overall job approval also took a hit — with 43 percent of voters approving and 37 disapproving,” Breitbart continued.

In March, 39 percent of employees working in New York City offices were considering leaving the area while 43 percent working from home cited “public safety” as their top concern with heading back to the office, a poll found.


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