Recently released footage shows the moment when two Indiana judges were shot following a drunken brawl outside a downtown Indianapolis White Castle restaurant in 2019.

The footage was unsealed by Marion County Judge Shatrese Flowers on Thursday following the September 21 conviction of Brandon Kaiser, 44, the gunman involved in the shooting, WRTV reported.

Watch the video obtained by WRTV Indianapolis here. (Warning: Graphic Content) 
On May 1, 2019, at about 3:30 a.m., two Clark County judges, Andrew Adams and Brad Jacobs, and Crawford County Judge Sabrina Bell, are seen in footage standing outside a White Castle restaurant in downtown Indianapolis near Lucas Oil Stadium — where the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts play.

All three southern Indiana judges, who were in town for a judicial conference at the time, were noted to have been drinking heavily prior to standing in the parking lot of the restaurant, according to testimony during Kaiser’s trial.

At some point, an SUV with two men drove into the parking lot and exchanged words with the group. Bell was noted to have given the two men the middle finger.

After the SUV was parked, two men — Kaiser and his nephew, Alfredo Vazquez — exited the vehicle and engaged in a verbal altercation with the judges that became violent moments later.

As the brawl ensues, one man is seen exiting the restaurant in an attempt to break up the fight, while another vehicle enters the parking lot but drives away after viewing the chaotic scene.

Then at one point, Kaiser is seen pulling out a firearm and shooting both Adams and Jacobs before fleeing with Vazquez. White Castle employees then come out of the restaurant to assess the scene, while police vehicles arrive after Kaiser and Vazquez drove away in the SUV.

Both Adams and Jacobs recovered from their gunshot wounds.

A jury convicted Kaiser of seven felonies — which include two counts of aggravated battery — and one misdemeanor. He faces 32 years in prison for the aggravated battery charges and is set to be sentenced on October 21.

Vazquez pleaded guilty to battery in November 2019 and received a six months home detention and one year of probation. The nephew served his sentence and complied with his probation in December 2020.

Adams pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in September 2019 for his role in the altercation. He received a one-year suspended sentence on six other charges.

Bell and Jacobs were not charged, but all three judges received disciplinary action from the Indiana Supreme Court. Bell and Jacobs were suspended for 30 days, while Adams was suspended for 60 days.

Jacobs is still serving as a judge while Adams and Bell and not. According to Fox 59, Bell resigned in July after she was charged with domestic battery stemming from an incident that occurred in April.

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