Watch: Mob of Cyclists Beats Man in Downtown Los Angeles

A mob of bicyclists brutally attacked a man leaving a store in downtown Los Angeles’s jewelry district on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses told authorities that around 4:00 p.m. ten teens circled the unknown man on the sidewalk. Video footage obtained by the New York Post seems to show that before the altercation, one of the assailants, shirtless and with red basketball shorts on, rammed his bicycle handlebar into the window of the victim’s white truck, which was parked just outside the store.

Allegedly, the group attacked the man because they believed he stole a bicycle.

The gang knocked the man down onto the sidewalk and continued to kick and hit him. Unable to get up, the unidentified victim covered his head with his arms as the blows continued. A bystander is seen taking off his belt and whipping it in the air to warn off the gang.

The attack continued even after the man made it into his truck. The gang opened up the front driver’s seat door and the door behind it to continue the beating. Eventually, the victim drove away. His windshield appeared to be damaged as well.

By the time police arrived the attackers had left the scene.

In 2022, the Los Angeles Police Department recorded 870 road rage incidents, the highest number since 2010 and 30.6% higher than the total in 2019, according to Crosstown.

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