Prosecutors: Woman Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Wife of Hiking Companion She Met Online – ‘I Hope You Fall Off a Cliff and Die’

Facebook/Melody Sasser
Facebook/Melody Sasser

Prosecutors in Tennessee claim a woman tried to hire a hitman to kill the wife of a man she met on the dating website

Forty-seven-year-old environmental compliance specialist Melody Sasser allegedly threatened David Wallace and his wife, Jennifer, the New York Post reported Sunday.

She is also accused of tracking the woman with a fitness app to gather and send information to a fake assassination website that helped law enforcement with the case.

Images show Sasser, who worked for the truck stop company Pilot Flying J:

In May, Sasser was charged with murder for hire in the U.S. District Court for Eastern Tennessee, NBC News reported Monday.

If the woman is convicted, she could face up to ten years behind bars.

In a message on the “Online Killers Market” website, the suspect, who used the name “Cattree,” allegedly she said wanted the killing to appear random, as if it was an accident, or for someone to plant drugs at the scene because she preferred there not be a lengthy investigation afterwards.

Per the NBC report, she also allegedly shared an image of the intended target on the website.

When asked if the “Online Killers Market” website was legitimate, NewsNation Law & Justice Contributor Jennifer Coffindaffer told the outlet, “It is a real place and there’s actually other websites that are quite similar as well.”

“Law enforcement has also set up different websites in this vein to find people who might be potentially wanting to kill somebody or be involved in child-type pornographic activity. But in this case, this is kind of a spoof account that is actually being used,” she explained.

In January, Sasser reportedly gave the website over $9,000 in bitcoin and also information regarding Jennifer and “criteria the hitman must meet to keep the trail cold, according to court documents filed in Knoxville, Tennessee, federal court,” the Post article said.

David Wallace, who works for the U.S. Department of Energy, and the suspect were apparently matched on the dating site in 2020 and became close while hiking.

However, their relationship fell apart a few years later once Wallace moved to Alabama with the other woman.

When Sasser allegedly confronted them about the situation and learned he planned to marry Jennifer, Sasser reportedly said, “I hope you fall off a cliff and die.”

While allegedly using the Online Killers Market, a dark web site, in December, the suspect seemed frustrated that no one had taken her offer for the job and eventually complained to the site’s administrator.

Once she was informed the hitman refused to do the job due to its risky nature, the woman allegedly posted her target’s information from a workout app.

When officials with the Department of Homeland Security learned of the situation, they began working to find the suspect.

Court papers say authorities followed the trail of money from “Cattree’s” account which led them to Sasser, who was later arrested on May 18. Now, she is in custody awaiting an upcoming court appearance.


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