Illinois Man Accused of Throwing Big Gulp at Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx

Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx has asked any possible victims or witnesses of alleged abuse b
AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

A man is accused of throwing a Big Gulp drink on Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx during an altercation outside her home in Flossmoor, Illinois.

Assistant Public Defender Catherine Stockslager said Friday that the suspect, identified as 34-year-old William Swetz, apparently did not recognize Foxx when the two bumped into each other as he drove along the 800 block of Sterling Avenue on Friday, CWB Chicago reported on Sunday:

Foxx was taking a walk when the suspect came upon her in his pickup truck. According to Assistant State’s Attorney Jose Villareal, the man ordered Foxx to get out of the way and Foxx “made a hand gesture” at him.

“Official documents provided to CWBChicago say Foxx flipped Swetz off. The documents also say Swetz’s initial remark to Foxx was a bit spicier: ‘Get the f*** off the road, b**ch,'” the outlet said.

Swetz reportedly brought his vehicle to a halt before allegedly reversing toward Foxx, leading her to believe he might strike her. However, she moved out of the way as he pulled up beside her.

While the man remained in the vehicle, the pair continued the confrontation, and he is accused of throwing a “brown drink” on Foxx, who believed it was root beer because some of the liquid hit her mouth.

The suspect is accused of throwing the drink at Foxx from a Big Gulp cup and fleeing the scene. He was arrested hours later. Foxx did not suffer any serious injury during the incident, Fox 32 Chicago reported on Sunday:

Per Villareal, the suspect has apparently admitted to taking part in what happened, the CWB Chicago article continued:

Prosecutors charged Swetz with aggravated battery in a public place and aggravated assault with a motor vehicle, both felonies. The battery charge is the more serious of the two counts filed against Swetz.

Courthouse veterans who spoke with CWBChicago on Sunday questioned the decision of Foxx’s office to charge Swetz with aggravated battery when he is only accused of tossing a drink on her.

It is important to note that federal prosecutors recently took on a case regarding the 2021 murder of a National Guardsman in Chicago after Foxx’s office refused to charge a gang member in the killing, Breitbart News reported June 9.

Meanwhile, at least 36 people were shot and eight of them died over the weekend in Chicago, the city that is led by Mayor Brandon Johnson (D), according to a Breitbart News article published on Monday.


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