We’re Officially in the Longest Bull Market Ever

Wall Street poised to mark longest-ever 'bull market'

Stocks are now officially in the longest bull market ever.

The S&P 500 ended the day nearly flat, giving up some of the gains it saw earlier. This set a new record for the bull market: 3,453 days.
The prior record was held in the bull market that ran from October 1990 and ended with the popping of the tech bubble in March 2000.

While there’s no official definition of a bull market, it is traditionally considered to start once stocks rise more than 20 percent from a bear market low. A bear market, similarly, is considered to start when stocks fall 20 percent from their high.

So when we say this is the longest running bull market in history, we mean that it is the longest period on record without a 20 percent decline in stocks.

President Donald Trump congratulated America on setting the new record.


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