Ortiz: Virus Restitution from China Should Go to Small Businesses

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AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Alfredo Ortiz writes in RealClear Politics about the terrible cost of the coronavirus pandemic and shutdown to small businesses and calls for Communist China, which is responsible for it, to compensate Americans for damages they have sustained:

Entrepreneurs, workers, and taxpayers shouldn’t bear the entire cost of this crisis. They aren’t responsible for it. The coronavirus bill should be paid by China, the country that covered up its severity, targeted whistleblowers, and dithered while the virus spread. China is not only morally but also legally responsible for unleashing this plague, which has killed over 60,000 Americans and 220,000 people worldwide so far and caused untold suffering — both emotional and economic — for millions more.

This week, President Trump announced that the U.S. would bill China for more than $160 billion in coronavirus-related claims. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt also took a significant step toward holding China legally responsible by filing a recent lawsuit against the Red Dragon for its role in generating the pandemic. Any damages received should go to beleaguered small businesses, which are on the front lines of the war against the virus and will lead the charge in the country’s economic recovery.

According to a study by the United Kingdom’s University of Southampton, the number of coronavirus cases could have been 95% lower if China had acted just three weeks earlier. China waited until Jan. 23 to lockdown Wuhan, but it knew how deadly the disease was by late-December. If it had acted transparently, rather than covered up the pandemic, U.S. small businesses would still be booming.

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