Amazon Hits Back at Joe Biden: ‘You Spent 3 Decades in the Senate’

In this Oct. 12, 1991, file photo, then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., points angrily at Clarence Thomas during comments at the end of hearings on Thomas' nomination to the Supreme Court on Capitol Hill. Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., watches at right.
AP Photo/Greg Gibson

Amazon hit back at former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday after the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee criticized the company for paying a low effective tax rate, reminding him that Congress writes the tax laws, and he was part of it.

Biden told CNBC on Friday in a remote interview that Amazon “should start paying their taxes.” He also said: “I don’t think any company, I don’t give a damn how big they are, the Lord almighty, should absolutely be in a position where they pay no tax and make billions and billions and billions of dollars, No. 1.”

However, Amazon paid $1 billion in federal income taxes in 2019, as well as billions more in other federal taxes, and greater amounts in state and local taxes.

Biden tweeted a somewhat scaled-back version of his claim later, claiming that Amazon pays a “lower tax rate”:

Amazon responded that the problem was with the tax code, not the company:

Biden has promised to raise taxes if elected president.

Amazon is a frequent target of criticism from all political parties, for a variety of reasons, and has been the subject of complaints from brick-and-mortar retailers for years. It accounts for a massive share of current job openings in the U.S.

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