Bidenflation — American Families Face Steeply Higher Food Prices: Beef, Bacon, Coffee, Cereal, Milk, Baby Food

People shop for groceries at a supermarket in Glendale, California January 12, 2022. - The
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American families had a more challenging time putting food on the kitchen table in March as everyday food prices continued to surge — with no end in sight — while inflation soared. The kitchen table itself even got more expensive.

The overall food prices rose 8.8 percent compared to a year ago, data from the Department of Labor showed on Tuesday. In fact, the data also showed that inflation climbed to the biggest year-over-year increase since December 1981, as the consumer price index rose 8.5 percent in March compared to a year ago.

While inflation is on the rise and with no end in sight, the Biden administration and the Democrat-led Congress continue to spend. They are looking to push another spending bill worth over a trillion dollars.

Home furniture prices are up 15.8 percent compared with last year and have risen 0.6 percent since last month. Prices for the category of “living room, kitchen, and dining room” furniture are up an eye-popping 16.8 percent compared with a year ago.

Here are some of the most striking hikes in food prices.

  • Ground beef: up 13.8 percent
  • Steaks: up 16.4 percent
  • Bacon: up 18.2 percent
  • Pork chops: up 13.8 percent
  • Chicken: up 13.4 percent
  • Fresh fish: up 11.3 percent
  • Fresh whole milk: up 14.5 percent
  • Coffee: up 11.2 percent
  • Fresh fruit: up 10.1 percent
  • Lettuce: up 12.0 percent
  • Salad dressing: up 13.9 percent
  • Soups: up 10.3 percent
  • Baby food: up 10.8 percent
  • Breakfast cereal: up 9.2 percent
  • Bread: up 7.1 percent
  • Biscuits and muffins: up 10.8 percent
  • Lunch meats: up 12.7 percent

Eating out is not much of a better option. Fast food prices are up 7.2 percent, and full-service restaurant prices are up 8.0 percent. Even vending machine prices are up 5.5 percent.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.


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