McCarthy Offers to Make Biden ‘Soft Food’ Lunch to Meet to Discuss Debt Limit

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 17: U.S. President Joe Biden (L) and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) attend the Friends of Ireland Luncheon at the U.S. Capitol on Saint Patrick's Day, March 17, 2023 in Washington, DC. Biden joined Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy …
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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) offered to make President Joe Biden a “soft food” lunch in order to meet in person to talk about the debt limit.

“He is making the decision that he wants to put the economy in jeopardy,” McCarthy said at a press conference on Thursday. “I don’t know what more I can do and how easy — I would bring lunch to the White House. I would make it soft food if that’s what he wants. It doesn’t matter. Whatever it takes to meet.”

McCarthy’s dig at the president’s age comes after the speaker tried to kick-start the negotiations between the two on having fiscal reforms in exchange for raising the debt limit. However, the Democrats are continuing to stonewall Republicans by not wanting to come to the table.

The speaker sent a letter to the president on Tuesday asking the White House to schedule a meeting on the debt limit before the end of the week, noting, “You are on the clock. It’s time to drop the partisanship, roll up our sleeves, and find common ground on this urgent challenge.”

“With each passing day, I am incredibly concerned that you are putting an already fragile economy in jeopardy by insisting upon your extreme position of refusing to negotiate any meaningful changes to out-of-control government spending,” he explained.

However, rather than being open to talking about the debt ceiling and looking to come to an agreement, Biden responded to McCarthy by saying, “for that conversation to be productive, we should both tell the American people what we are for.” Ultimately, Biden wants the House Republicans to release a copy of their own budget blueprint before he would agree to a sit-down meeting. He also wanted the budget by the end of the week.

The Associated Press noted that Democrats think the pressure building around the debt ceiling will only help them and, as it builds, would apply enough pressure to easily raise the ceiling without spending cut trade-offs, allowing the lawmakers to fight over spending levels when Congress passes spending bills later in the year.

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