Nolte: Far-left NPR Admits Biden’s Problem with Young Voters Is ‘Glaring’ and Economic

Inflation - US President Joe Biden speaks after signing the foreign aid bill at the White
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The far-left welfare queens and McCarthyites at NPR are freaking over His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s “glaring” problems with young voters.

Yeah, well, when your destructive policies price the American Dream out of reach (see math below) for an entire generation, these things tend to happen.

“Voters 18-29 years old made up roughly 1 in 6 voters in 2020, and … [His Fraudulency Joe] Biden won them by more than 20 points, according to exit polls,” writes NPR. These same exit polls show that in 2020 Biden “won voters under 45, who were 40% of the electorate, by double-digits, too.”

Today, per a poll from NPR, and in a two-man race, Biden leads Trump by only four points with those under age 45.

That is a MASSIVE swing.

Nevertheless, in this same two-man poll, Biden still tops Trump nationally by two points, 50 to 48 percent.

Ah, but in a poll that includes third-party candidates such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Biden loses to Trump nationally by four points and loses those under age 45 to Trump by six points.

“Just 24% of those 18-29 approve of the job [Biden’s] doing,” NPR laments, while “62% have an unfavorable opinion of him[.]”

Here’s what’s really killing NPR: “Trump gets a net-positive rating — 49%-42%” with those aged 18-29, and that’s “the highest favorability rating for Trump of any of the age groups. With voters overall, Trump has a slightly higher unfavorable rating (54%) than Biden (52%).”


At long last, the corporate media are finally waking up to what I’ve been saying all year: Israel has almost nothing to do with Biden’s problems with the youth vote. If you look around, 98 percent of young people are not occupying anything in a culturally-appropriated keffiyeh. What young people face in Biden’s America is much closer to home and very real: the loss of the American Dream. Biden’s disastrous prices have exploded inflation, exploded mortgage interest rates, and flooded the country with millions of illegal aliens who compete for scarce housing and those all-important starter jobs.

The whole idea behind the corporate media looking to gaslight Biden with their stupid talking point about how his tepid support for Israel is killing him with young voters was the hope of getting him to betray Israel. To a point, that worked, but as you can see, the truth can no longer be denied.

NPR pointed out:

Younger voters are even less happy than voters overall with how Biden is handling the economy:

A Marist poll from April found just 37% of voters 18-29 approved how Biden was handling the economy, compared to 42% overall.

Biden also gets low ratings on his handling of immigration, but, again, fewer younger voters approve of his handling of that than the population writ large[.]

To fully understand just how much Bidenomics is brutalizing young people looking to launch their lives with the cornerstone of the American Dream, let’s do the math on mortgage rates.

Currently, in Biden’s America, the average home sale price is $513,000, and the average mortgage rate is 7.05 percent.

Let’s say you put 20 percent down on that $513,000 house, your parents throw you another $50,000, and to make the math easier, we set the mortgage loan at an even $350,000 over 30 years.

At 7.05 percent, your monthly mortgage payment comes out to $2,340.00, and over 30 years you will pay $842,500 for that $350,000 loan.

Now let’s look at the exact same deal in Trump’s America. When Trump left office, the average 30-year mortgage rate was 2.77 percent, so we’ll use that.

For that same house and that same $350,000 30-year loan, your monthly mortgage payment at the Trump interest rate of 2.77 percent drops from $2340 to $1433. The total cost of your loan drops from $842,500 to $515,700.

On top of allowing more than ten million illegal aliens to compete with young people for housing (which explodes the cost of housing), that interest rate jump (caused by inflation) brutalizes home buyers and places the American Dream further and further from reach.

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