Catholic Edgewood College’s Health Insurance Plan Covers Abortion

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Edgewood College, a Catholic college in Madison, Wisconsin, came under fire this week over its decision to provide coverage of abortion procedures under its college healthcare plan.

According to a report by the College Fix, Edgewood College, a Catholic institution in Madison, Wisconsin, has been privately offering abortion coverage under a healthcare plan offered to students.

Although the university claims on its website that its student health insurance policy excludes “abortion procedures,” an investigation into the plan offered to students revealed that it offers abortion procedures in specific circumstances.

A spokesperson for the insurance company that works with Edgewood College said that the student plan offered through the university provides abortion services when “the termination of a mother’s pregnancy is: considered a life-threatening complication of the mother’s existing physical illness; or due to a lethal fetal anomaly; and the abortion procedure is permitted by and performed in accordance with law.”

Robert George, a prominent conservative scholar at Princeton University, told the College Fix that the Catholic Chuch is sometimes supportive of abortion in extreme circumstances.

“[I]magine a woman is pregnant with a child and is completely happy about it. But she is diagnosed with an aggressive uterine cancer prior to the point at which the child can survive outside the womb. If the uterus is not removed (which is precisely what would be done if the woman were not pregnant) both she and her child will die. May the womb be removed? I say, and the Catholic Church says, ‘Yes’,” George said in a short interview.

George then contributed a second defense to Edgewood College’s healthcare plan. George argued that Catholics support the right to have a fetus removed if it has died in the womb.

“If by lethal fetal anomaly what is meant is removing the remains of a fetus that has died in the womb, then, yes, that can and should be done. No moral problem. That is not an abortion of any type. If it means killing a fetus on the ground that it will die before birth anyway, then, no,” George added.

Despite George’s feelings about these exceptions, Edgewood College has a history of promoting abortion procedures. In December, the college came under fire for promoting Planned Parenthood on its website. After criticism from Catholics in the community, Edgewood administrators removed all of its online links to Planned Parenthood.

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