Education Journal Publishes Call to ‘Eradicate Whiteness,’ Send It ‘to its Grave’

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An academic article, styled as a “love letter” that seeks to provide the “consciousness needed to eradicate whiteness,” was published by the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

“We must actively and collectively help to do the work of disrupting, dismantling, and eradicating whiteness,” California State University East Bay professor G.T. Reyes says in his call to teachers. 

Titled “A love letter to educational leaders of Color: “CREWing UP” with critical whiteness studies” the article called on scholars, including white scholars, to “fully humanize themselves by abandoning whiteness, destroying it, and sending it to its grave.” Reyes quoted another article when he said that this is the “greatest act of love whites can show.”

The summary of the article, archived here, explains that the letter is addressed to scholars of critical whiteness studies and intends to engage in “intentional healing rooted in humanizing, revolutionary, and decolonial love” as it prepares them to oppose whiteness. 

“I am writing you a love letter. However, I do not speak of the kind of love that is dominantly seen through the lens of heteropatriarchy and whiteness,” the article reads, going on to malign that as a “reduced form of love.” Reyes touts critical race theory as a useful intellectual framework before going on to claim that “students of Color learn to hate themselves when whiteness is left intact by white teachers.”

Reyes argued that America is currently undergoing a “whitelash,” citing parents who have fought back against the presence of critical race theory in America’s K-12 schools. The article even responded to a critical message that the author received, arguing that “the use of caps lock throughout the message reflects both the racial hostility and white emotionality of the reader.”

Breitbart News previously reported that a healthcare journal claimed that whiteness is a “malignant, parasitic” condition without a “permanent cure.

T.G. Reyes and California State University East Bay did not return requests for comment. 

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