University of Wisconsin, Madison to Fund Vocal Lessons for ‘Trans and Nonbinary’ Voices

puhimec/Getty Images, University of Wisconsin, Madison

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is funding vocal training for “trans and non-binary voices.” 

‘Teaching the Trans and Non-Binary Voice: Introductory Workshop for Students, Performers, and Educators’ will be held on February 3 and will teach attendees “to begin supporting gender diverse students with appropriate language and care,” the Daily Caller reported

Students will also “explore gender expansive voice pedagogy,” an Instagram post advertising the event reveals. 

The event will be co-hosted by the Music Teachers National Association – UW Madison Collegiate Chapter and the UW-Madison Division of Arts and will be funded by the UW-Madison Division of Arts’ Artivism Student Action Program (ASAP).

The event will feature Liz Jackson Hearns, the author of “One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Transgender Voice” as a guest speaker. Hearns is also the co-founder and owner of The Voice Lab, a vocal clinic. The clinic’s website advertises an online training called “One Weird Trick: A User’s Guide to Voice Feminization.”

Though it is not immediately apparent how much it will cost to host the lesson, Kate Lochner, a representative of the UW Division of Arts, told the College Fix that at least $1,200 had been put towards the event. 

The College Fix, which pointed out that the event was in part organized as a response to political commentator Matt Walsh’s appearance on campus, also noted that the “application for funding received ‘top marks’ by a team of reviewers from ASAP.” The program evaluates funding applications on the basis of “quality and creativity of the proposal; urgency; level of impact and potential for public benefit,” and ability of the applicant to successfully complete the project.”

Meanwhile, the “impact and influence of ASAP to the overall success of the project” is also listed as a criterion. 

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