Octuplets Mom vs. Your Arguments

Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman, is getting death threats, which is to be expected in today’s culture of rational debate. Maybe she’s crazy or irresponsible, I don’t know. Her decision to have 14 children doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the public outcry from all sides against her. But none of the arguments against Suleman are quite as vacuous as the empty bumper-sticker dogmas held by the left. The mother of octuplets exposes how these positions aren’t rooted in logic, but are held in convenience to achieve emotionally preferred ends.

It’s not sick to want to have 14 children. It is sick to wish them aborted, wish harm on the mother or assume she has done some great evil. I don’t know that having 14 children is a mistake, and neither do you. I’ve known plenty of people who were raised in abject poverty and came out just fine.

I don’t understand the argument that doctors should be able to abort as many embryos as they want but they’re only supposed to implant two at the max. Efforts are made to make two embryo implantation a new medical rule, complete with warnings of witch hunts to any doctors who might not obey the know-it-all culture.

Notice that Pro-choicers are fine with having the government come into our wombs when it comes to the number of embryos that can be implanted. That’s because the “government in wombs” bumper sticker was always a smokescreen.

Pro-choice men have no problem excoriating Suleman; they forgot their mantra about remaining neutral when it comes to “women’s issues” Another smokescreen.

What about not judging decisions made “between a woman, her doctor and God” as Nancy Pelosi puts it. Smokescreen.

If medicine can limit the number of implanted embryos, can we also limit the number of abortions a woman can have? Let’s start with a two abortion limit. See, this is why I call bullshit on Choicers. I’ll entertain criticism from Pro-lifers on Suleman, but the Pro-choicers don’t have an argument to stand on.

Some argue that they hate the idea of the state having to pay for Suleman’s children. But it’s these same Democrats who roll out the cause of poor children to raise our taxes for cradle to grave healthcare. They don’t have a problem paying for 14 million children, so I guess they just hate when 14 of them are at the same address. We can’t afford to pay for Suleman’s 14 children but we can fund Obama’s abortions-around-the-world program.

For three decades we’ve heard about woman power from liberal feminists. Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle, YES WE CAN! Then a lady on welfare has octuplets and it’s, “You can’t do it without a man!” “Women are too weak to take care of 14 children!” Then come the death threats.

Suleman serves as a cultural warning to what happens when we use technology to manipulate life. I don’t understand why we don’t show the same caution when dealing with birth control and abortion given their use is far more commonplace than Suleman’s “problem.”


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