Our Exceptionalism Comes From Our Constitution

I’m not a big Global Citizen. I’m not proud of how the world conducts itself, it has a terrible history and there’s nothing great about humanity other than we have a great Creator. Mankind’s achievement is only consistent in how spotty it is. Intelligence has only made us immoral with more knowledge. Technology has brought us ways to destroy more lives and project more misery with less effort and more efficiency.

Individual countries pale compared to America. So contrast my relative shame as a global citizen with my pride, excitement and honor of being a member of the United States of America. Our country is the best. I’d say that we’re not perfect, but I hate opening any kind of door for the America haters to drive their Prius through. We have good standards, fund charities around the world and have left more of our bodies in the graveyards of other countries to defend and expand liberty than any other country in the history of the world. Our economy is the singularity of the Big Bang from which prosperity flows to the rest of the world.

So it pains me to watch my President stand among the G20 leaders as he works hard to fit in with a bunch of really stupid countries. I admit it, I’m a jealous citizen and I don’t like to share the attention and will of my president with the rest of the world. He’s mine, not theirs. The world may think they elected President Obama, and perhaps even Obama may think that, but I don’t have a vote in the Global Community. I don’t get to participate in how China must conduct herself so I’d rather my president not give away our power, treasure and values to fit in with a global consensus of lesser countries than our own.

The U.S. Constitution is the rarest of documents and our execution of what it says has separated our country’s history from the rest of the world and made us objectively better. America is not a pile of soil. We aren’t a location. In fact, if we ever move the U.S. to the moon I’ll be the first on the ship and to hell with the Earth. The Global Community has no such miraculous document. It has no self-evident truth as its charter, instead it has global consensus.

The G20 anarchists held signs that read “One World” “One Country” “One Currency.” This should strike a barf-triggering chord through the heart of every independent American. I have no vow to Europe, no allegiance to Egypt. The president is supposed to represent me to Europe and it feels like he’s representing Europe to me. After all, the only reason Europe loves him is because President Obama will give them more candy than Bush. They didn’t hate Bush because of Iraq, they hated him because Bush wouldn’t sell us out to gain their acceptance. The G20 has their self-interest intact. Though many G20s have a corrupt charter, Obama is their work-around. Why reform your country to get better income when you can stay corrupt and Obama will redistribute the sovereignty of our economy to the G20?

Our country is not a peer of the G20. Our country is better than every other country in the world. Not because we’re white or black, or born in this or that hemisphere, or because of our GDP, but because of our values, our charter, our adherence to the Constitution. So the idea that we have just one vote amid twenty countries when we represent almost half of G20’s combined GDP is a foolish play on President Obama’s part. I long for the days when we stood for our values and held the disgust of the rest of the world in high regard.


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