The Antarctic is Half Full

Global Warming is not melting the continental ice cap. Come to find out there’s some shrinkage on the west side, but it’s more than made up by the glacial growth on the east side.

But the business of Big Green is already at hand. As the prophet Al Gore said, “The debate is over.” We’ve already pegged the death of the polar bear on the automobile. Public schools are showing children photos of these cute, cuddly, white bears clinging to shrunken ice floes.

Now we get to choose which side of Antarctica to believe in. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Half full or half empty? Eeyore or Tigger?

In my view we have every reason to have hope so long as Big Green doesn’t fool everyone into thinking the answer to save planet earth is to go back to trading sea shells and create paper thin cars that guarantee human death in common traffic accidents. Or worse, that we will have to ride in public transportation that counters America’s rugged individualism that has served us so well. I keep a urine-scented air freshener in my car so when I take the bus I feel right at home.

If you still believe the ‘inconvenient truth’ that Antarctica is melting and we’re all going to be flooded by 2020 then maybe you’re just a glass is half empty kind of guy. There’s a whole other half Antarctica you can choose to look at. Why so glum?


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