ObamaCare: A Good Night For Tyranny

But it was a bad night for Liberty.

Oh man. I didn’t want to write a blog today. Damn those Dems. (And a special F-U to you twits who voted them in.) A bad night for Liberty.


But it was a good night for Chicago politics. It’s nice to know some things never change; that back-room arm-twisting, extortion, blackmail, bribes, and pay-offs can still work wonders when applied judiciously by Leftists Speakers of the House, Presidents (and their hatchet men), and Senate leaders. Even ‘principled’ Democrats like pro-life Rep Bart Stupak folded like a proud jellyfish. (Any stupidly spineless act of Congress will henceforth be regarded as “a Stupak” as in, “Looks like those idiots on The Hill pulled another Stupak!”)

Yes, Lady Liberty took a serious kick in the teeth last night. The health care bill will put one-sixth of the U.S. economy in the hands of the federal government. But even worse than assisting further in the bankrupting of our economy, our freedoms are now seriously diminished.

We Americans became considerably less free last night.

I feel like apologizing to the ghosts of our forefathers for not doing more to preserve our liberties, the liberties for which they sacrificed so much.

I sat, like most caring patriots, and watched the news last night, appalled yet not surprised as Republicans held strong in opposition, and Democrat after Democrat caved and voted for the obscenely bloated and convoluted restriction on American freedom, known as the House Health Care Bill.

With a stroke of the pen, after the Senate votes, the President will now sign the bill into law. And millions more little piggies will sidle up to the public trough of American largesse. But it’s okay – you Americans won’t mind paying a little extra, will you?

After all, Nancy Pelosi reminded us all ad infinitum they’re doing it ‘for the American people’.

Considering that, by most available polls at least 75% of Americans were happy with their health care, the decision to completely dismantle and gut our entire health care industry to give free health insurance to less than 10% of the populace whether they want it or not, would seem to this writer a bit Draconian, to say the very least. And tack on to that that the new bill contains federally-funded provisions to pay for abortions as well as well as mandates to purchase insurance (as in, they are going to FORCE you to buy insurance – enforced by IRS agents)…and you pretty much have a huge leap forward down the rocky slope toward tyranny.

Guess we’re all Progressives now.

My prediction for the next six months? Full speed ahead for the Leftist European-Utopia Obama-Pelosi Marxist machine. They are energized now, having passed this monstrosity of a health care bill (even post-Scott Brown) and they know they will need votes in November if they are to maintain control of both houses of Congress. The simple solution: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens (oops, sorry, I mean ‘undocumented workers’. Don’t want to be politically incorrect.). That will be next up. Millions and millions of illegals will be welcomed in to the Democrat voting registers. (Hey, I’m legal now and the Dems will give me a bunch of free stuff?? Yeah, baby — Democrat all the way!)

“We just want to spread the wealth around, that’s all.” – Barrack Obama in his this-won’t-hurt-a-bit chat with Joe the Plumber.

And of course, Cap-and-Trade. The Global Warming Hoax is still alive in Leftyville (oops sorry again, Climate Change – how un-PC of me…) and there’s no time like the now to shackle what’s left of the U.S. economy with miles and endless miles of energy restrictions, mandates, fines, convoluted bureaucratic hamstringing guidelines and mindless procedural minefields for the American small businessman to navigate. But don’t complain – it’s all so we don’t lose the polar bears and caribou. I know it’s all true because Al Gore made a movie about it.

Someday I’ll sit on the porch with my daughter’s kids…and if I’ve outlasted the government death panels, I’ll tell them about America. The land of Liberty. It was lovely while it lasted.

But back to right now — So they’ve got their tentacles around our economy. Our banks. Our businesses. Our media. And now…our health.

Next up – they’ll come for our guns. A disarmed populace is so much easier to control, isn’t it? But then again…they seem to be doing a bang-up job without touching the second amendment. It seems we can keep our guns…we just have to give up our Freedoms.

Will America go quietly into that good night? Or is there fight in her yet?

Ironic, isn’t it? The people who pledged to unite America…have divided it to a point not seen since the Civil War.

The battle lines are drawn — not geographically, but ideologically. On the one hand we have the “progressives” – leftists who align themselves with other infamous Marxist tyrants who use the power of government to subjugate, tax, and control its populace. Leftists who use class- envy warfare and promise free goodies to parasitic masses who think the world owes them a living simply because they draw breath. Leftists, who are so arrogant as to believe that they are so wise that they are ordained and worthy of determining what remedies are best for our lives, and work around the clock to ram these down our throats — whether we want them or not – all under the log-line of “…doing it for working families…”.

But on the other hand, we have.. the American citizens. Free individuals who want to live, work, and raise their families without government intrusion; people who don’t think it’s right that they should work hard to provide goods and services for people who won’t work hard. People who believe that they alone are wise enough to figure out how best to spend their own hard-earned money. People who know that America was founded upon and excelled because of the principle of freedom and not subjugation. People who believe that solving one’s own problems and not looking to the government to solve them promotes prosperity, maturity, self-reliance, and in the end, happiness.

You know…people like you.