PC Enforcer Jon Stewart Uses NPR Firing of Juan Williams to Rip … Fox News and Juan Williams?

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In the above video, Stewart takes some shots at NPR for firing Williams, but it all feels like an excuse to revisit his Fox News obsession and desire to smear the station as some kind of Big Scary Monster of Right-Wing Intolerance, as though one cable news channel has anywhere near the combined power of CBS, ABC, PBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, oh and, Comedy Central.

The closing skit with the “scary” Muslim man and Black man pretty much calls Williams and Bill O’Reilly a couple of racists for their individual comments that started all of this — what O’Reilly said that caused Joy and Whoopi to cluck-cluck-cluck off the “View” stage and what got Williams fired from NPR.

Here’s the moral of Stewart’s comedy:

“If they’re not going to make a distinction between Muslims and extremists, then why should I take the time to distinguish between decent white people and racists?”

It’s all so preciously sensitive and PC it just makes you want to run out and hug a baby seal.

Could there be a bigger disturbance in the satiric-force than when you have supposed comedians assuming the roles of our nation’s PC-Enforcers? Unless, of course, the target is Sarah Palin’s Down Syndrome baby, then the sensitivity badge is quickly removed and the rubber hose comes out.

Kinda makes your skin crawl, though, doesn’t it? The only boundaries Stewart and his ilk are pushing anymore are those in the department of sensitivity and the chilling of free speech. You see, it’s not enough that we all know what Bill O’Reilly meant — no, he had better say it or Stewart will call him a racist. Same with Juan Williams for daring to speak his fears out loud.

That sound you hear is Lenny Bruce spinning in his grave.


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