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New Racism: Calling a Diva a Diva


So last week, the Cadbury candy company apologized to model Naomi Campbell.

It seems their ad for Bliss chocolates used the line, “Move over Noami, there’s a new diva in town” – a play on Campbell’s adorable violent streak.

Campbell called the ad racist. So Cadbury blubbered an apology – and Naomi, being the trooper she is, accepted it – while crapping all over the company.

She said, “It is also a shame that it took so long for Cadbury to offer this apology,” and added, “they should avoid causing offense in the first place which is best achieved by having greater diversity.”

Yep – and if there’s anyone you wanna take advice on “causing offense,” it’s this psycho.

In just ten years, the model was accused ten times of assaulting employees – even cops. She’s pleaded guilty to throwing a cell phone at one person, and there are piles of reports of her slapping, kicking and scratching people.

And so, Naomi campbell is indeed a model – of hypocritical outrage.

She’s hurt many people – focusing mainly on the help, who can’t fight back. But thanks to today’s whirling world of phony indignation, she is handed the moral high ground over a chocolate company. Why?

Because she can.

Companies are just too terrified of the race card to fight back.

The funny thing is, from the start, Campbell knew the ad was not about her skin color, but her character.

In fact, she once spoofed herself in a Dunkin Donuts ad, which showed her throwing her shoe through a window.

But I guess it’s not racist when you’re getting paid for it.

Anyway, in reality, Campbell is the opposite of a delicious chocolate snack.

She’s more like an almond joy- a flaky thing that tastes like a bad pina colada.

And if you disagree with me, you’re worse than stale ribbon candy.


John Devore

Matt McCall

Karl Zahn

Crystal Ball


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