Tracy Morgan's Humiliating GLAAD Re-Education Tour … The Video!

This Orwellian moment brought to you by GLAAD and their fascistic Leftist enablers so resembles Winston Smith’s final confession in “1984,” it seems too obvious to even reference it. The video below is a little blurry, so it’s impossible to tell if Tracy Morgan’s blinking some kind of S.O.S…. If he has any pride, he’s blinking some closer to f-u-c-k-a-l-l-o-f-y-o-u:


Could anything be more un-American than a comedian being trotted around the country to apologize for his … comedy?

Talk about chilling free speech.

Obviously the old saying about not agreeing with but still fighting to the death to defend someone’s speech is all but dead on the Left, especially where the sentiment should be most true … in the world of entertainment.

What a bunch of sanctimonious cowards our entertainment class has become. At least when it came to the 1950s Blacklist, some in Hollywood actively sought ways to subversively fight and work around the injustice. Now they line up and pretend they’re the morally righteous ones in defending and accepting it.

Tracy Morgan is no conservative and no friend to conservatives, but what’s being done to him is the most obscene thing to come out of Hollywood in my lifetime. And many of the sins are of omission from those too cowardly to speak out.

History will not be any kind to this Hollywood generation. How pathetic.

ADDED: A commenter makes a great point about how GLAAD fights bullying by becoming even bigger bullies. True that.


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