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BREAKING: Wisconsin University Reverses Decision to Remove 'Firefly' Poster


This morning Big Hollywood published a piece co-authored by our own Liberty Chick and Adam Baldwin critical of a Wisconsin university’s decision to force a theatre professor to remove two posters from his office door.

This afternoon, the university in question reversed their decision.


Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reports:

The recent discussion resulting from the removal of two posters hanging outside the door of a University of Wisconsin-Stout professor in Harvey Hall has raised serious First Amendment concerns, both on campus and across the country.

It is important to note that the posters were not removed to censor the professor in question. Rather, they were removed out of legitimate concern for the violent messages contained in each poster and the belief that the posters ran counter to our primary mission to provide a campus that is welcoming, safe and secure.

In retrospect, however, it is clear that the removal of the posters – although done with the best intent – did have the effect of casting doubt on UW-Stout’s dedication to the principles embodied in the First Amendment, especially the ability to express oneself freely. As many people have pointed out in the days since this issue surfaced, a public university must take the utmost care to protect this right.

Therefore, UW-Stout has reconsidered its decision to remove the two posters from outside the professor’s office, meaning he can display them if he so chooses.

Read the original piece here.


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