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Panicked, Left-Wing Entertainment Media Mocks Conservative 'Muppet' Backlash


You have to wonder if Steve Banen has children and, if so, how he might feel sitting in a theater that promoted the National Rifle Association, exposed the lie that is Global Warming, or mocked Barack Obama as the failure he is. Because, you know, Banen doesn’t see anything wrong with sucker punching parents with political messaging in films advertised as innocent children’s fare.

This, however, says it all:

For the record, I’ve never seen or read any of the entertainment these conservatives don’t like, so I’m not really in a position to defend the content. But when far-right Fox personalities perceive secret political messages from the Muppets, it’s a reminder that conservatives sometimes have too much time on their hands.

On principle, I guess, you can oppose conservatives warning parents about the content in movies. But it’s an indefensible principle.

Leftists hate that parents now have the information they need to go around Hollywood’s left-wing propaganda machine. That same hate drives their opposition to home schooling. It’s just a fact that the left wants our kids for those 180 days a year to brainwash them into the next generation’s Occupy Wall Street.

If you’ve been watching, the whole of the entertainment media is currently in full mockery mode over the controversy surrounding the new Muppet movie, but that’s just a symptom of their frustration and a desire to pretend they’re not frustrated. You see, the left feels entitled to the culture and, any loss of power or control freaks them out in the same way a single right-of-center cable news channel in a sea of liberalism freaks them out.

The left no longer enjoys complete control of the entertainment narrative, and they know that if Fox Business and Big Hollywood are able to get the word out and the result is parents choosing not to have their children subjected to leftist propaganda, it might affect the box office. Moreover, a loss in profits might just force studios think twice about attempting to sneak political messaging past parents, and that would be a huge loss for the left.

Hollywoodists and their entertainment-media sycophants can mock us all they want, but those of us paying attention know that, in fact, they do want to brainwash our kids, and them making fun of the word doesn’t make that fact any less true.


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