Jon Stewart Plays Comedian Card When Challenged by PolitiFact

Jon Stewart got busted by PolitiFact for peddling a falsehood on “The Daily Show.” To be fair, the Comedy Central show supposedly got the whopper from The History Channel. That didn’t stop Stewart and co. from continuing to mock those upset that the War on Christmas continues.

Never let a good, albeit false, meme go to waste.

In the attached clip, Stewart explains how the show incorrectly claimed that Congress worked on Christmas Day for 67 years straight, thereby showing that Christmas isn’t as deserving of federal respect as many claim it is.

Turns out the number was off by 66 years, as Stewart cheerfully notes.

So Stewart jumped into the “Back to the Future” time machine to check the facts himself with Benjamin Franklin. The bit is bawdy, to be sure, but it sure seems like a lot of tap dancing to keep the show’s “war” with Fox News host Bill O’Reilly alive.


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