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Adam Carolla Defends Mitt Romney Against Occupy-Style Groupthink


Adam Carolla is the first one to tell you he’s literally a millionaire. Literally.

The podcast king will complain about first-class airline service or share stories of his impressive car collection without worrying what a blue-collar listener might think. He worked hard to get where he is today, and he’s not ashamed to discuss the fruits of his labor.

Adam Carolla

That’s the backdrop behind Carolla’s latest rant, one that takes on the folks who insist our politicians hide all evidence of their wealth. Carolla responded to a story by news reader Alison Rosen about Mitt Romney sharing tales of his younger, less affluent days. That was enough to start Carolla on a fairly lengthy diatribe. It’s the next logical step after his viral rant on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

What the fuck’s the problem with being rich, and why do rich people have to pretend that they’re not rich? I understand if you’re walking through a shitty neighborhood you don’t want to look like the Monopoly man because you don’t wanna be robbed.

This thing where people are gonna hate you because you’re rich, fuck you. Is that really what we’ve come to … first, they envy you, then they resent you, then they hate you because you’re making money … we’re going nuts with this, and it’s only been in the last 10 minutes. Rich people have to pretend their not rich in 2011.

Carolla then used his old “Loveline” show partner, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to illustrate why society shouldn’t judge people simply because they were born into affluence.

“Dr. Drew comes from privilege … that privilege helped him go to a good college, that privilege helped him go to medical school, that privilege educated him, that privilege taught him humanity, that privilege helps him help other people. I don’t want to hold that privilege against Dr. Drew.

I come from a shitty family. Dr. Drew comes from a good family. Should we punish Dr. Drew because his dad made money and could afford to go to college? I’m not saying he’s good because he went to college or because he’s rich … we’ll judge him on his own merits …

… I have bad news for you. Are you all sitting down? The people with the money are usually smarter than the people who don’t [have money]. Not only are they smarter, but they work harder … most of the time the people I know who are successful busted their fucking asses to get there. Now, they have to put on the flip flops and the Mavericks shirt and the cargo shorts and pretend like they didn’t do a thing because they don’t want to get shit on by envious people.

Everyone is scared shitless to act like they have money now, and I ain’t digging that. This country was built on people wanting to make money … it was built on wanting to have your business to go from 10 employees to 20 employees.


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