Box Office Predictions: 'Sherlock Holmes' Faces Off With 'Chipmunks' and Batman?


Now this is an epic weekend. Just like that, Sensei now holds the nation’s longest #1 call streak at 4 weeks (along with only two other prediction sites). The rest got tripped up by “The Muppet’s” recent box office troubles. Look for Batman, Robert Downey, Jr., and a return to 2009 to showcase this time around.

Our weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows ($68 million) – It’s deja-vu back to the Christmas opening weekend 2009. There you had “Sherlock Holmes” and “Chipmunks 2” taking shots at “Avatar.” Amazing how all three found success and “Avatar” became film’s all-time leading grosser. That kind of pedigree will not be lost this weekend. Film can do “Fast Five”-like opening numbers but the sub-par frame will hold it back considerably. Still, expect quite a box office boost to the overall box office market.

[youtube I6YfohvSmC4 nolink]

2. Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked ($36 million) – Animated films are drastically under-performing across the board right now. The most notable being “Happy Feet Two” which was also an animated franchise sequel. Despite the current lackluster results around animation, this one will still pull very good numbers. Not franchise best, but still a very high opening nonetheless.

3. Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol ($15 million) – Despite this roll-out in only 425 theaters (300 IMAX), this one will do very well off solid reviews and the addition of the “The Dark Knight Rises” prologue. You have to wonder about the strategy here though, why not just roll it out on a large screen count to begin with?

4. New Year’s Eve ($8.5 million) – Film did not impress anyone last week with its low opening. Will get a slight boost as it gets closer to the real New Year’s Eve holiday, just don’t expect much confetti being thrown to celebrate these numbers.

5. Young Adult ($6 million) – A quirky, older skewing comedy actually fits in well right now. Film will tap into the same pool that made “Juno” a surprise box office hit. Add to this the film’s legitimate Oscar sleeper buzz and you have this better than expected result.

We’ll see if these predictions can put Sensei in the holiday spirit, but what say you?


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