End the Occupation: Comic-Creating Conservatives Must Push Back Against Upcoming Pro-OWS Works

A few weeks ago Big Hollywood posted “‘Watchmen’ Creator Joins Occupy Comics,” noting how Deadline.com reported on Alan Moore joined other comic creators in planning a series of comic books in support of the Occupy Wall Street insurgency. In response to that story, I propose that conservatives launch a story and art project with our own perspective on #OWS.

Here is what I mean.

Alan Moore and other comic artists joining together to support #OWS is no surprise, since the comic industry is as left as the rest of the entertainment world. The comic industry previously slammed the Tea Party (although the company and writer of this particular incident later apologized; you be the judge of whether they were sincere), attacked George. W. Bush, presented the U.S. and U.S. military as evil, made an entire celebrated series out of blaspheming God and Christianity (this review of said series is actually quite good even if I don’t entirely agree with it), and has generally churned out leftist propaganda.

I no longer am scandalized at what the comic industry is doing. I expect the behavior, and I don’t envision creators apologizing for it–just as I wouldn’t have expected either Alan Colmes or Eugene Robinson to apologize to Rick Santorum for what they said about the politician’s dead child.

Leftists have made no secret about who they are, and I see no reason why we shouldn’t simply wipe the dust of their town from our feet and stop throwing pearls to them in worthless attempts to change them.

Instead, I propose we fight back.

This isn’t to say we should stop what we currently are doing; we just need to add to it. We need to promote our own beliefs as well as call the left out on its own. Hence, my proposal for a conservative OWS project.

Our OWS writing and art initiative wouldn’t simply be a response to the comic book creators project in support of OWS. Instead, our project would also demonstrate a (partial) real-world solution for those affected by our economic woes. (And that partial real-world solution would be that the people who would join our project would be able to market and sell their artwork or stories on the OWS insurgency and thus generate income for themselves).

Furthermore, the stories and artwork for our project wouldn’t have to attack OWS or its insurgents, or even directly address the matter at all. For instance, while I have a short story planned that would address OWS, I also have another one planned that would have nothing to do with OWS yet still explore a common issue–moving upwards economically. In other words, I would encourage people to be creative and to be positive.

The left isn’t going to change who it is. Therefore, I no longer see a point in engaging leftists in argument or debate. We should simply move forward and promote who we are. I want other Big Hollywood contributors (as well as Big Government, Big Journalism, and Big Peace contributors) to come on board this project, but I also am considering opening this to the general public. Those who want to join or learn more about this idea should sound off in the comments section. If there is enough support, we will move forward with additional details.


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