Daily News' 'Game Change' Review Pretends HBO Film is Fair to Palin

Daily News' 'Game Change' Review Pretends HBO Film is Fair to Palin

The New York Daily News’ review of HBO’s “Game Change” insists the film isn’t out to “skewer” Sarah Palin.

Heck, it says as much in the review’s headline, “‘Game Change’ with Julianne Moore doesn’t flatter Sarah Palin, but its goal isn’t to skewer her.”

Of course, if a film paints a politician running on the presidential ticket as a dim, demanding shrew who curls up into the fetal position under stress it’s impossible to see how else the film can be described. Nevertheless, when it comes to attacking Palin both the media and its defenders in the press can do some impressive pretzel twists to describe unabashed hit pieces.

So are all the events and conversations in “Game Change” accurate to the syllable? Probably not. But neither does its essence feel distorted. More to the point, its portrayal of Palin doesn’t feel one-sided.

No, of course not. If a film portrays a politician as being dumb and emotionally unstable and uses only background sources with a stake in trashing her while ignoring confidants who were with Palin every step of the campaign, then it must be balanced.

The bigger question for today’s liberal critics is simple – what would “Game Change” have to do to convince you it was biased? Have Palin driving a bus full of orphaned children off a cliff?