Jon Lovitz Destroys Obama's Class Warfare

Jon Lovitz Destroys Obama's Class Warfare

Maybe Dr. Drew Pinsky should cut back on his work load.

The good doctor currently hosts radio’s “Loveline” along with a nightly show on CNN as well as a separate syndicated program, “Lifechangers.” Plus, he’s a working physician who treats people grappling with substance abuse issues.

Work overload may be the only excuse for Dr. Pinsky badly bungling his interview with comedian Jon Lovitz.

Lovitz, ostensibly on Dr. Pinsky’s show to discuss a possible hate crime case in his neighborhood, instead got sandbagged by the host for allegedly threatening the president.

DREW PINSKY: A news story that I, frankly, not so funny. He was drawing attention to some anti-semitic graffiti at a friend’s house by using Twitter and he got some action. While some felt that this might have been a hate crime, the police report that we obtained say it doesn’t fall into that category. We’re going to find out why from Jon himself. Thank you for joining me.

JON LOVITZ: Yeah, my pleasure.

PINSKY: So it’s good to know–

LOVITZ: I mean, doc.

PINSKY: Yes, thank you. That the Secret Service is now out looking for you.


PINSKY: Did they come and talk to you? (Lovitz pauses in disbelief)

PINSKY: The Secret Service?


PINSKY: Well you made some threats against the president

LOVITZ: No I didn’t. I didn’t make any threat.



PINSKY: I thought you did.


PINSKY: Oh, you called him a name.

Wow. Not only did Dr. Pinsky shift gears quicker than his race-driving ex-colleague, Adam Carolla, he thought Lovitz had threatened the president.

It’s bad enough Lovitz is feeling the heat for daring to critique the president, but now he’s suffering from imaginary assaults from talk show hosts. Lovitz is handling it all with grace – one wonders if he’s getting any support from his comedy peers?

As for Dr. Pinsky, we prescribe lots of rest as well as refreshing his iPad content.


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