'Will & Grace' Creator: Biden's Same-Sex Declaration 'Choreographed'

'Will & Grace' Creator: Biden's Same-Sex Declaration 'Choreographed'

Most folks figured Vice President Joe Biden gaffed – again – when he stated his position on same sex marriage last weekend on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

The creator of “Will & Grace,” the show Biden claimed during that same interview  had a profound effect on the country’s views on gay issues, isn’t convinced.

Max Mutchnick heard Biden speak weeks before the “Meet the Press” episode, and said the vice president declared essentially the same thing at that event, one being taped by the White House.

“It says to me that this was all very choreographed. Look, I’m just a man that experienced this, but Vice President Biden made it very clear that day that these were his views and so much so that they wanted to record them,” Mutchnick said.

Choreographed, you say? Is that the same choreography which coaxed The Washington Post to run a hit piece against Mitt Romney the very day it published Obama’s final evolution on same-sex marriage?


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