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'Eastwooding' Hits Big Apple

'Eastwooding' Hits Big Apple

New Yorkers are never at a loss for words.

Some Big Apple denizens, inspired by Clint Eastwood’s instantly iconic RNC speech in which he mocked an empty chair representing the president, let loose on their own empty chair.

Eastwooding” has unofficially entered the vocabulary.

A day after the “Dirty Harry” legend confronted an imaginary President Obama at the Republic National Convention, the Daily News gave ordinary New Yorkers a chance to vent at an empty chair.

And most of them said “Eastwooding” — as it was dubbed on the Internet soon after the bizarre speech — made their day.

“It’s a natural high,” said Christie Franil, 23, of Queens, who pretended her best friend was in the hot seat — actually a wooden chair on loan from Fraunces Tavern.


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