Nickelodeon Promotes Jason Biggs' Raunchy, Misogynist, Anti-Christian Twitter Feed

Nickelodeon Promotes Jason Biggs' Raunchy, Misogynist, Anti-Christian Twitter Feed

Late last week  during the Republican convention, we learned that “American Pie” star Jason Biggs isn’t anything like his onscreen persona. That sweet, good-hearted character is in reality played by a vicious, unfunny pig who obviously has some issues with women.

Free speech is a lovely concept worth defending and no one’s telling Biggs to shut up (I rather like how free speech allows the wicked among us to reveal their true selves). But “free” doesn’t mean “consequence free,” and not only has the blowback against Biggs been such that the coward deleted the offending tweets about Paul Ryan’s wife, but now Biggs’ current employer, children’s network Nickelodeon, has a very serious p.r. problem on its hands.

Nickelodeon not only hired Biggs to voice a cartoon version of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” but as our friends at Twitchy have documented, the children’s network promotes his vile Twitter account.

Yes, that’s right, Nickelodeon directs your children to a Twitter account filled with sexist talk of bleached assholes, incest (complete with photos), “cock,” photos of dildos, and Chick-fil-A trashing.

To me the story here isn’t yet one more actor revealing himself as an intolerant, woman-hating, sexual degenerate — it’s that parents cannot trust Nickelodeon to protect their children from pornographic talk, hate, and religious bigotry. In fact, Nickelodeon encourages your children to click their way into this world.

If you’re at all interested in protecting your children’s innocence, Nickelodeon has proven itself a shatterer of that innocence.

Stay away, parents… and keep your children even further away. 


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