What You Can Do to Help Promote 'Occupy Unmasked'

What You Can Do to Help Promote 'Occupy Unmasked'

We’re seeing evidence across the country of a huge Obama backlash and a mighty conservative awakening as liberty-loving Americans are voting with their pocketbooks.

First came the impossible-to-miss show of support for free speech at Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. Next, the conservative film “2016: Obama’s America” became the summer’s sleeper hit sensation.

This Friday, the new film “Occupy Unmasked” opens; a guided tour of the Occupy Wall Street movement hosted by Andrew Breitbart that exposes its origins in ’30s and ’60s radicalism and its connection to both labor unions and the Obama administration.

Here’s how you can help generate buzz and box office success for the movie and its message:

  1. Start pre-promotion now. Send out this list of theaters through your social media connections or just email it to your friends. The film opens Friday in Dallas, Denver, Phoenix and Los Angeles.  If you aren’t near one of those cities, keep reading: there’s still a lot you can do.
  2. Get your tickets IN ADVANCE. Some of these screenings are already sold out, and we don’t want  frustrated audience members out there. Getting advanced tickets assures you’ll be able to see “Occupy Unmask” this weekend and not “Finding Nemo” 3-D.
  3. If you’re in Denver, Dallas, Phoenix or Los Angeles don’t just go see “Occupy Unmasked” this weekend – write, tweet and blog about it. If you’re a budding blogger, the release of “Occupy Unmasked” is a good way to cut your teeth on film reviewing or doing a more in-depth look at the Occupy movement yourself. Remember: you are more than welcome to embed the “Occupy Unmasked” trailer on your own web site using the embed codes provided via YouTube.
  4. If your phone has a video camera and a way to upload to YouTube, you can do a quick video review right outside the theater and get it online in less than five minutes. If you are camera shy, use your mobile phone to videotape a couple of other people who’ve seen the movie and post that to YouTube. If you do post some sort of video review, make sure that you promote it on social media like Twitter and Facebook using the #OccupyUnmasked hashtag
  5. Use the hashtag #OccupyUnmasked when you tweet about the film.
  6. If you are not near Denver, Dallas, Phoenix or Los Angeles and you want to see “Occupy Unmasked” come to a theater near you, one of the best ways to make that happen is to tell your friends in those four cities to see the film on opening weekend. As we’ve seen with the success of the “2016,” money talks. Whatever ideological resistance Hollywood may have to conservative films, all of that evaporates when they see that there’s an audience for them.
  7. If you see other people tweeting about the movie or discussing on Facebook, be sure to retweet, “like” and (especially) share. The Facebook SHARE feature is one of the ways to really make something go viral, so be sure to use it. The audiences who already seen the film at places like the Republican and Democratic national conventions were blown away by the sheer amount of information that the film delivered about what is really behind OWS. With your help, it’s a message we can get out to the entire nation starting this weekend.


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