Why You Should See 'Occupy Unmasked'

Why You Should See 'Occupy Unmasked'

Occupy Unmasked” was not just important to Andrew. It was vital. He insisted that it be made.

Andrew often saw and knew things before the rest of us. And he pegged the Occupy movement for what it was from day one. He saw that Occupy was the creation of an amalgam of nefarious forces, ones intent not on changing the system, but on overthrowing it: anarchists, the hackers collective Anonymous, Marxists, the hard left, and nihilists.

As Andrew was wont to say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. Shining the light on these people, exposing them for who they really are, is almost always the first step toward stopping them. This film brilliantly does just that, tracing Occupy’s philosophy and ideology back to similar movements in the ’60s and ’30s and projecting forward into what comes next.

Andrew and the entire Breitbart News Network team put tremendous effort into reporting on and deconstructing the Occupy movement. Andrew, writer and director Steven K. Bannon, producers David Bossie, Citizens United, and Victory Film Group put in an equally remarkable effort making this film – and it shows.

I flew out to Denver for Friday’s opening in theaters and spoke to two full houses that received the film with great appreciation, enthusiasm and applause. But the audiences had another very distinct reaction to the film. They were stunned by seeing what the mainstream media had failed and refused to show: the dark underbelly and the true goals of the primary movers behind the Occupy movement. They were scared by what they saw. And they were right to be.

“Occupy Unmasked” is an important film that should be seen and discussed. Keep checking with Breitbart News for more information on how you can see it.


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